Our Achievements

NTA has made significant contributions towards the achievement of good governance since its inception. Its innovative programme approaches, skills in mobilising citizen voice to demand accountability and citizen oversight have established NTA as an influential force for good governance in Kenya. NTA’s achievements are outlined below;

Empowering Citizens

NTA has succeeded in opening up the debate on demand for accountability in an organised, structured manner. Previously, citizens would raise issues about government services sporadically. Now, through NTA social accountability interventions, citizens are organised and systematic in demanding accountability in the delivery of public services and management of devolved funds.
  • NTA has succeeded in linking government officials to their citizens through Public Forums and Public Launches of Citizens Report Cards. This has helped to ease citizen access to government officials, play down power dynamics and reduce victimisa
  • Citizens have realised that they can challenge government service providers and management of devolved funds in relation to their effectiveness and responsiveness. The power presumed to reside with the government official is progressively being transferred to the citiz As a result, Government service providers and devolved fund managers have been challenged to take appropriate action.
  • Interfacing Between Citizens and Public Service Providers

    NTA has created effective channels for public service providers to respond to the needs of citizens. Citizens face two issues when complaining about services: First, citizens do not necessarily know where or to whom to send their complaints about poor service delivery by public officers and, secondly, when they do complain, service providers either ignore or fail to respond to the concerns. Public service providers have realised that the NTA is monitoring public service delivery and where they are failing to deliver on their responsibilities, citizens will hold them to account. NTA is an important interface for public service providers to engage with citizens to ensure they are citizen-responsive. This has led to effective collaborations and partnerships with the Ministry of Education, Lake Victoria North Water Services Board, and the Constituency Development Fund Board.
  • NTA, in partnership with the Provincial Commissioner of Western Province, and the Ministry of Education in Coast region established a pilot call centre for citizens to provide feedback about service delivery. NTA channels these queries to the relevant service providers and there are already impressive results being recorded. For example, a group of youth who were working under the Kazi Kwa Vijana3 programme were not being paid for their work, and the public officer in charge of payment was not responding to their pleas. After the youth contacted the call centre, NTA contacted the relevant department and the youth were promptly paid their dues.
  • NTA supports good tax management regime in which all public and private companies should comply with tax rules, tax procedures, tax policies and tax guidelines and practices. The parent and subsidiary companies must be liable to tax as per the country tax laws and regimes.
  • The Constituency Development Fund Board has appreciated the role of the NTA in supporting citizens to monitor how CDF is utilised. Previously, citizens faced severe obstructions when they sought information on the management of CDF funds. Following the NTA’s partnership with the CDF Board, the citizens can now access this information with ease from the CDF offices in their respective constituencies. NTA has emphasised the importance of citizen participation in monitoring as an effective, approach to achieving public accountability. The need for a government project implementation monitoring system was proposed in the national budget in June However, modalities for implementing this have not been effectively addressed.
  • NTA has held consultative meetings with line Ministries, the CDF Board and CDF parliamentary committee to build partnerships for citizen engagement.
  • NTA has promoted efforts to enhance service delivery in free education and access to medical care. In this effort NTA ensures efficiency and effectiveness supported to empower citizens, reduce wastage, facilitation of citizens to demand for services.
  • Research and Information Dissemination

    Issues of governance, tax and accountability can be technical, complex and seem disconnected from the day-to-day challenges faced by Kenyans. NTA has conducted research and provided information to all Kenyans through its Citizen Report Cards (CRCs), scoping studies, public forums and the media. These have presented issues of how devolved funds are being used and their impact on development in constituencies in a user-friendly, simple, and accessible manner. NTA has dismantled the technicalities of governance and tax processes, and increased citizen awareness on these issues. NTA provides information in simplified language, which has contributed to an increasingly informed and rights-aware citizenry. It is envisaged that these CRCs will form the foundation on which to build access to objective, evidence-based information for the average citizen.
  • NTA will establish Knowledge Centres to provide knowledge platforms and information portals where information will be shared, information will be made available on performance of public institutions.
  • Research will be conducted in collaboration with academic institutions, business and commerce research institutes to generate scientific data and evidence, develop tools for engaging tax payers and produce list of shame for tax evaders.
  • NTA will prepare information generated for ranking institutions that perform well in paying taxes and rewards will be given on transparency basis.
  • Citizens Report Cards (CRCs) have been produced for 121 constituencies and 21 local authorities.
  • Public launches of CRCs created an overwhelming demand for NTA activities from citizens, political leaders and government departmental officers.
  • CRCs have been produced on CDF, LATF, rural roads, registration services, health services and the education sector.
  • A Schools Report Card for parents to assess quality of education in public primary schools was piloted.
  • Two baseline scoping studies have been produced on public security services and citizens perceptions of public accountability and potential for public ac
  • Post-budget analysis reports on the National Budget for the financial year 2009/2010, 2010/2011, 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 have been produced. The reports break down the budget to show what it means for the ordinary citizen.
  • Progressive Reach of the NTA

    NTA has achieved a progressive structure where the organisation’s activities are shaped, managed and implemented by citizens at the constituency level by CMCs. In addition, NTA has eight active regional coordination offices that effectively support and enable operations at the constituency level. 63 Constituency Monitoring Committees have been established and trained to help mobilise local level demand for accountability as well as work with the NTA regional offices to facilitate monitoring the management of public resources and the provision of public services. NTA has moved towards progressively reaching and mobilising citizens in their constituencies to generate their own focus of social accountability based on the needs in their locality.

    Proactive Engagement with the Media

    NTA has been instrumental in generating media interest and follow-up on issues of governance, tax and accountability in the public sector. Increased media interest and the dissemination of these issues have increased pressure to improve public service delivery and the management of devolved funds. NTA has built high-quality media relations and is viewed as a critical point of reference on matters of governance. NTA has contributed to making tax and accountability issues newsworthy and increasing the reach of information in a simple, appealing manner through effective use of national print and broadcast media.
  • NTA has participated in over 150 radio and television programmes from the year 2008, which enlightened the public on the management of devolved funds and the provision of government services.
  • NTA at International, Regional, National and County levels, will enhance advocacy, awareness creation, lobbying, education and training, news briefs with the Authorities, Senate, Governors, Parliamentarians, and Citizen County Forums in part of discussing bills related to taxes, revenue collection, debt management, Import-Export balance
  • Support from the Board and Development Partners

    NTA has continued to receive support from the founding board members as well as the host organisation, the Centre for Governance and Development (CGD), which has provided oversight and policy stability over the years. It has also continued to receive support from various development partners that continue to have confidence in its work and hopes for continued support in the future.

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